Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saving Time and Saving Money

We've all heard the saying "Time is Money" and if you're anything like me, it usually seems like there is not enough of either. One of the biggest objections I hear to couponing is "I don't have enough time." I totally understand! Between being a wife, being a mom, and my job, it seems like there is not enough hours in a day. Throw in church and everything else we're involved in and I feel totally overwhelmed at times. Enter my new time and money saving friend: The Grocery Game. The Grocery Game is a website that tracks prices at your local grocery store, matches those prices with coupons, and tells you when an item is at it's rock bottom price. This site is really helpful and has saved me a ton of money. (For those of you who hate to spend time clipping coupons, file each weeks insert in date order and The Grocery Game will tell you which insert the coupon you want is in...that way you can just clip them when you're ready to use them! They have a trial offer that allows you to try their site for 4 weeks for only $1. After the trial is over, they charge $10 for 8 weeks if you subscribe for one store (They charge $5 for each additional store) They have CVS and Walgreens too, but I wouldn't recommend getting those stores. There are enough good resources on the web that offer coupon matchups for those stores. If you decide to join, I'd appreciate it if you list me as your referring friend. savingmoneylivingbetter at gmail dot com. Click here for more info about The Grocery Game!


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