Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tonight's grocery store run

Isn't my monkey adorable???

Tonight's grocery store run wasn't my best ever, but I sure did get lots of food for cheap! The big boxes of Cap n Crunch were on sale for only 10 cents more than the little ones!!! I ended up with 10 boxes Cap N Crunch, 20 Valley Fresh Steamers, 18 eggs, 1 half gallon orange juice, 1 half gallon lemonade, and 1 so-ugly-it's-cute singing monkey puppet for $28.67. I saved $64.87!! I love looking at the bottom of my Kroger receipt where it tells me how much I save and the percentage...tonight I saved 69%. My big boxes of CapNCrunch (I'm experimenting with spelling it out) were $1.19 each after coupons and my little boxes were $1.08. The Valley Fresh Steamers were 50 cents each! My cute singing monkey that sings "Love Will Keep Us Together" was $2.00 and since today is our anniversary, I convinced my husband to buy it for me (Although I took the money out of the grocery budget since there was a little left!) Sometime in the next week, I'm going to do a post on how I use coupons to save money! Keep checking back!


Anonymous sandy moughler said...

Hey Lisa! I love your blog!! It has completely gotten me into the whole coupon game!! I am slowly figuring out how to use my coupons the right way and how to stock pile food when it's on sale! Love it! Still learning but having a ball saving us money! Thanks so much!


February 25, 2009 at 10:33 PM  
Anonymous Lisa with Saving Money...Living Better said...

Thanks Sandy! Coupon shopping has totally become a game for us! Whenever I get home from the grocery store or CVS, the girls always try to guess how much I spent. They ask me how much each item would be if it weren't on sale and they guess accordingly!

February 26, 2009 at 8:25 AM  

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