Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little help from my friends!

I love it when my friends clue me in on great deals, ways to save, and freebies. Here are a few I thought I'd pass on.

Free sub at Quiznos Click here!!- Thanks Megs and Kiki!

Free Sammie at Quiznos Click here!! -Thanks Megs!

How to get free shipping on large items! This is an excerpt from an email my sister sent me yesterday! Thanks Laura!

Yesterday I ordered ella’s new castle toddler bed. It’s huge and shipping was going to be $90-$150, yeah, crazy I know. But I ordered from walmart and did their site-to-store and it was free shipping. I saved myself big bucks.

Save money on food without couponing with Angel Food Ministries- This is an excerpt from an email my friend Alison sent me! Thanks Alison!

Check out if there is an Angel Food Ministries in your area. There are locations all across the USA, so many of your friends from all over could look into it. I'll attach a link because it's kind of hard to understand until you order for yourself the first time. Basically a church becomes a host site as an out reach to their community. You can choose a host site even if it is not your home church. Our church just joined AFM's about a year ago and it has been great not only for our family but lots of families in and outside of our church. Once a month people place a prepaid order for a 'box of food' at the church. Usually two weeks later you go to the church at a designated time and get your box of food (the church will have pick-uped the food early that morning from a drop-off/pick-up point). The box of food is different every month. It is supposed to make 5-7 meals for a family of 4 for just $30. It will have meat, veggies, eggs, etc. They say each $30 box contains $60-80 worth of groceries. The HUGE savings and quality comes with their monthly specials. If you buy a regular box you can order any of the specials. The specials usually are meat combos of some sort. Like you can get a 'grill box" for $20-22 . The box will have steaks, hamburgers, brats, pork chops,etc. The meats are all high quality food. We have not had one bad 'box' yet. You don't have to meet any income requirements at all BUT food stamps are welcome. Someone with food stamps would get twice as much food with AFM than if they took the stamps and used them at a regular store. So how does Alison make Angel Food Ministries work for a family of 7. I usually order 3 regular boxes and 2 specials at $134 or so. We pick up on a Saturday morning getting about $250 of food for just the $134. We bring it home and I look over everything. I mentally start to figure out what meals I'm going to make with this month's order. Then within a few days I go the the grocery and pick up the extra things I think I'll need. Like I said it's kind of complicated to understand until you do it your self a month or two...but AFM would be a great way to shave a $100 off of your monthly grocery bill.

I love it when my friends pass along great money saving tips! Feel free to send some tips my way or let me know if some of these tips have been helpful to you!


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