Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eat your veggies...they're good for you (and tonight they were free!)

Tonight I purchased 20 bags of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (they have yummy veggie flavors!), a can of Campbells Select Harvest Soup, 2 Martha White muffin mixes, and 2 half gallons of skim milk. The grand total for my purchase at Kroger tonight was $3.50. By combining the sales at Kroger with coupons I had, I was able to get one heck of a deal. My total savings was $51.40 or 93%. The cashier who checked me out was genuinely surprised! He kept saying "Wow, that's ridiculous...in a good way, of course." To see some of the other great deals at Kroger this week, check out Nickels -n- Dimes printable list!



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