Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hotel rooms for $1 per night

According to this site, starting in January you will have 15 minutes, Monday - Friday for 2 weeks to buy any hotel for $1 per night. It sounds too good to be here's the catch! You won't know which 15 minutes you will be able to put those dollar bills to use, so you will have to sign up here to get their email hints. According to my first email hint, the contest will be starting soon!!!

Here's the scoop on terms and conditions: (to read them all, click here)
  • 1 reservation for 1 room per person during entire campaign
  • Maximum booking of 7 consecutive nights
  • To qualify the booking must be made online through
  • The booking must be completed within the 15 minute time frame
  • reserves the right to end the campaign at any time
Hopefully we'll all be able to do some travelling that doesn't break the bank!



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