Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One of THOSE Days

{Warning: There may be some whining (or ranting or venting) in this post. Consider yourself warned!}

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? We had one of them at our house today. Last night we discussed our schedule for the day before bed and knew it would be a pretty busy day. We had a mechanic coming to do some work on both of our cars, we had some drywall guys coming to continue doing drywall repair, and I had to work. So the plan was for me to go to work in the morning and leave a little after lunch to come home so the mechanic could work on my car. Oh the best laid plans...

This morning we woke up the girls and they got ready for school. I decided to doze a little longer since my husband so graciously offered to take the girls to school. I had just gotten out of bed when my phone rang. It was my husband...calling to tell me he got pulled over on the way to the school for expired plates and that the officer wouldn't let him drive the girls the rest of the way to school!

I had no idea his plates were expired. I never got a notice that they were expiring. I quickly threw on some clothes, grabbed my coat since it was only 30 degrees, and headed over to the intersection where my husband was. I put on my flashers, pulled in behind the cop, and waited while my girls got out of the other car and into my car. Since they were already late for school, we quickly got on our way.

As I was driving away, I called my husband to see if he was going to drive straight to the BMV to update the registration. He told me that the cop had decided to tow his car. So he was planning on walking to the 2+ miles home. I got another call shortly after that in which my husband informed me that my plates were expired too and that the officer was going to write me a ticket too! As soon as I dropped off the kiddos, I headed straight for the BMV to get both registrations renewed. They had expired less than a month ago on November 7th (both expired on the same day, of course)!!! I understand that small towns need their revenue, but seriously...writing two tickets and towing a car for expired registration that expired less than 30 days ago... You've got to be kidding me!

The grand total for our two tickets and towing: over $350. And of course, the towing had to be paid in cash because the towing company gives the police department a kickback. They seriously said that!

And one more thing...this was my husbands first his whole life...and he's been driving for 23 years!

I'm done venting...for now. Just an may want to go check your plates.



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