Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Day...Another Crocs Deal...Another Christmas Gift For Me

I'm starting to feel a little selfish. Every deal I post, I mention the pair that I'd like (although to be honest, the Lena and Nanook are my favorite shoes I've posted about so far!) Crocs Nanook are only $14.99 (and girls Nanook are only $9.99). These are cute, comfortable, and warm. It doesn't get much better than that! It's a good thing I have feet the size of your average Sasquatch...(and the big sizes tend to sell out really quickly). Otherwise, I'd only be getting Crocs for Christmas. Which I guess when you think of it wouldn't be that bad at all!

Also, they are carrying over their Licensed Mammoth Deal through today, so you should be able to get some sweet deals on warm shoes.

Take an additional 5% off your order with code N9DWZLKY3ISA, ends 12/18 and is stackable on all offers!

Don't forget, FREE SHIPPING on all orders in December.

Click here to get started on your shopping!

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