Friday, September 18, 2009

SEARS Coupon is DEAD!!!

I went to Sears today to use the coupon I posted about earlier this week and I was told by a Sears Cashier that these coupons are not being accepted as they were not intended to be distributed to the public. :-( Even though this coupon came from their own website, they aren't honoring it! Sorry for steering you wrong!!!

I may be wrong, but you can probably still purchase online from the Juniors Apparel section by using code 17SEARSAPPAREL at checkout! To get more bang for your buck, go through Mr. Rebates and get a 2% Rebate (plus an extra $2.50 sign up bonus if you're a new member) or go through Shop at Home for 4% (and a $5 sign up bonus if you're a new member)!
Click below to go through Mr. Rebates
Mr. Rebates

Click below to go through Shop At Home
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