Monday, April 27, 2009

Never underestimate a rummage sale!

Over the weekend, my youngest daughter had a softball tournament in a town not too far from here. While we were waiting for her tournament to start, my hubby and I drove around looking for garage sales. We happened upon a church rummage sale. I have to be honest with you, most of the stuff at the rummage sales was quite dumpy. I can't imagine dressing myself or the kids in most of what I found there, however, there were a few treasures in the midst of the trash. Plus, it was "bag day". For $1.50, you could have whatever would fit in a paper bag. I got some pants and shorts for my kids, 2 books for me, and a few soft sided lunch bags...all for $1.50. It's even a better deal when you realize that there were shorts from J. Crew, pants from The Gap and Old Navy and a few super cute shirts from The Limited. Although I usually have the best luck at rummage sales in affluent neighborhoods, you can find good deals just about anywhere if you're willing to look!

Search & Win


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