Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The heart of the matter

I have to admit, I sometimes feel jealous when I look at some of the coupon matchups and great deals Becky has posted at Nickels-n-Dimes. The Kroger stores in her area double coupons up to $1.00 and increase coupons that are $0.51 to $0.99 to $1.00. Our Kroger triples coupons up to $0.50 and redeems anything over $0.50 at face value. This means that all those $0.55 cereal coupons are only good for $0.55. Becky got her cereal for $0.67 and I paid $1.12 for mine. I hate to admit it, but this bothered me. Sometimes I look at my shopping as a contest instead of a way of blessing my family. It doesn't matter if someone gets a better deal than me. My desire is to serve my family and be a good steward of what God has entrusted me with. My friend Kiki hit the nail on the head with this post entitled The Frugal Heart. Every Friday on her blog will be Frugal Friday. She also has regular giveaways and posts great freebies. Make sure to check out her blog!!!


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